Posted by: paragon | October 25, 2006

Internet Explorer Tips

  1. Reset the Add-on usage statistics in Internet Explorer – Windows XP SP2

  2. How to disable third-party download managers?

  3. Change the default favorites export location of Internet Explorer Import-Export Wizard

  4. Information bar appears when you open PDF files locally in Internet Explorer (Windows XP SP2)?

  5. Default browser still points to MYIE2 while you have uninstalled it

  6. Reset the Add-on usage statistics in Internet Explorer – Windows XP SP2

  7. Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser – option does not work

  8. Error “This version of QuickBooks requires Internet Explorer 6.0”

  9. Unable to open local files in new Internet Explorer window? IE6 SP1 and later

  10. Unable to resize Internet Explorer window by using javascript: code in the Homepage section, after upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2 ?

  11. Security Warning appears when you try to navigate to a Trusted site from a webpage

  12. Internet Explorer runs in Compatibility Mode or Side-by-Side Mode ?

  13. Preserve the favicons using AM-Deadlink

  14. Organize Favorites dialog in Internet Explorer displays a “Red X” mark

  15. Internet Explorer Address bar search opens the file present in Desktop?

  16. “Sites” button and “Custom Level” slider are grayed out in Internet Options – Security tab?

  17. Convert Favorites to Txt file; View Internet Explorer Favorites information in a readable form.

  18. Internet Explorer “Manage Add-ons” dialog does not retain your column preferences?

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