Posted by: paragon | October 26, 2006

ModernBill Newsletter: 5.1 Released!

ModernBill Newsletter: 5.1 Released!
Dear ModernBill Client,

As a ModernBill Client we think you will benefit from reading the following announcements. The information provided in this newsletter is to ensure you get the most out of your ModernBill experience, learn about new products and services, and take advantage of discounts available only to you.

Inside This Issue:

01 Version 5.1 Released
02 New 5.1 Manuals Available
03 5.1 Upgrade Instructions
04 Free FraudGuardian Lookups
05 Migration Services Available

Version 5.1 Released!

Version 5.1 is now available and is loaded with dozens of new features! The 5.1 version is the most stable version to date and is packed with options and features you need in order to run a successful business. Take a look at some of the exciting and easy-to-use features of the new ModernBill 5.1 version below:


New Nominet Module Support
Distributed IT Module Support
Interworx Module Support
LinkPoint Module Support
Improved credit card authorization for ProtX module and transaction references.
Updated Migration Tool (Now you can migrate products!)
eNom EPP support for .com/.net transfers
Streamlined and optimized interface for faster page loading.
Significant usability enhacements.
Client management including one-touch cancel, suspend, and enable customer packages.
Upgrading to 5.1 is highly recommended! With the new streamlined, optimized, and increased performance of the MBAPI, ModernBill 5.1 is geared to help you increase productivity and efficiency with your day-to-day operations.

New 5.1 Manuals Available!

We now have two updated manuals specific to the 5.1 release. For 5.1 we developed two manuals, one for configuring your system (Configurations Manual) and one for using your system (Operations Manual).

To learn how to configure your system, view the Configurations Manual at:

To learn how to use your system, view the Operations Manual at:

We encourage your feedback on any of the available 5.1 documentation. If you have questions or comments regarding documentation, use the “comments” feature available on every page of both manuals.

5.1 Upgrade Instructions

A step-by-step document on how to upgrade to 5.1 is now available. These instructions make it easy for you to upgrade today! Simply follow the link below to learn how to upgrade your system to the latest ModernBill Version 5.1.

Free FraudGuardian Lookups

All ModernBill customers get 10 lookups a month FREE. No coupon needed to get started. Remember, FraudGuardian significantly reduces chargebacks saving your company a minimum of $75 each time a fraudster attempts to order from your website.

Do not delay any longer, signup today at:

*Credit card required, but you will not be charged unless you need to upgrade your FraudGuardian lookups.

Migration Services Available

ModernBill now provides migration services to help you upgrade and migrate your data from a previous version of ModernBill 4.x. Save time, money, and resources by letting the ModernBill Migration Team take care of all your migration needs.

Speak with a qualified sales representative now by calling 502-566-7754.


This periodic email newsletter is delivered to all current ModernBill customers, and contains information about new software versions and web site features and content. If you have any questions or comments about this mailing, please contact

Copyright © 2006, ModernGigabyte, LLC

Thank you,
The MGB Team

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