Posted by: paragon | October 29, 2006

Sharing Files Made Easy…

Are you in need to share large files?

From Free to Paid – you now are able to send or share large files in a pinch!

Here is some resources for you…

Pando, FREE – E-mail attachment initiates a BitTorrent-based P2P transfer up to 1GB backed by a server

YouSendIt, 100MB Free – Sends links to uploaded files good for 14 days; designed for business use.

Zapr, FREE – Turns any file or folder on your PC into a shareable Web Link 

 AllPeers, Free – Transfers files to your buddies through a BitTorrent based Add-on to FireFox Browser

Glide, 300mb Free – Stores and shares digital media via browser-based desktop or smartphone

MediaMax, 25GB Free – Stores digital photos, movies and other files on the web

Myfabrik, 1GB Free – Sends links to shared files stored on the Web or a Maxtor Fusion hard drive

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  1. hasta la vista baby

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