Posted by: paragon | November 8, 2006

Google’s Minus 30 Penalty

Talk about a new secret Google penalty is heating up over at Webmaster World forums, with some users complaining of a 30 spot ranking drop in just one day.

The thread starts with a poster upset over a sudden ranking drop,
“I just got my site rank #31 on its own domain name and bunch of keywords/phrases I usually watch were bumped from #1 to “precisely #31. Those #2 through #10 are sort of all over the map but generally within the first 60 results.”

Speculation over the cause of the penalty seems to suggest it comes from ‘black-hat’ or unethical SEO practices. These are methods that attempt to artificially boost your search engine ranking, but do not follow search engine guidelines. From Webmaster World, “I had the same problem few months ago, I believe was an anchor text over optimization. From #1 to exactly #31, still haven’t recovered, but slowly going back”.

The specific ranking drop of 30 points has led many to believe the penalty is automated and built in to Google’s searching algorithm, but, not surprisingly, there has been no comment from Google on this particular issue.

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  1. Check out for more information on the Google Minus 30 Penalty

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