Posted by: paragon | November 13, 2006


*** ABMX

RackMount Hardware Vendor

– About is the specialized server division of ONLY, Inc., corporation headquartered in Orange County, the heart of California’s Technology Coast. Founded in 1994, our company is committed to building quality into its products and services. We are dedicated to developing and using advanced technologies to better service our customers. We are committed to being the trusted source for all of the OEM, VAR, Reseller and Integrator’s foundational system housing requirements. Our mission is to provide exceptional research, design, development and expertise in support of our products and customers. Authorized reseller for a number of brand name computer products, we work with world-renowned computer manufacturers and pass their technologies to our customers to help them maintain their competitive edge. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, Federal, state and local government offices, educational institutions as well as avid computer enthusiasts. The key to our success, lies in our persistent pursuit of unparallel customer satisfactions and continued mutual beneficial teamwork with our business partners. We strongly believe that the continuation of such an endeavor will for sure enable our business partners and us to achieve further success.

Corporate Address:
ONLY, Inc.
dba ABMX, Aaronix, Pacific Memory Group
1921 Carnegie Ave. #3E
Santa Ana, CA 92705



– Returns:

To take advantage of this warranty, you must do following:

Contact our tech. support by dialing 949-955-1208
If it is determined that your product requires service, you will be issued an RMA number.
Pack the defective product securely for shipping. Include only the product(s) that are defective.
To ensure prompt service, customer should provide a detailed and specific description of problems for returning the product.
Ship the defective product, the copy of original invoice, and the RMA number to:
ONLY, Inc.
1921 Carnegie Ave. Unit 3E
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Attention RMA#

Make certain that your RMA number is displayed prominently on the outside of the shipping package. We cannot accept returns without an RMA number. This warranty is void if the product is damaged in transit. Please insure your shipment.

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