Posted by: paragon | November 23, 2006

MySpeed PC – Internet Speed Test Program

“World Class Internet Services”

“Total VOIP Solutions for your Business”  

MySpeed PC is a downloadable speed test program that accurately measures your Internet connection bandwidth, and provides an easy to understand report of your download and upload speeds and connection quality.

FREE for personal use!
Internet Speed Test software
For additional speed test features see MySpeed PC Advanced. For information on hosting MySpeed on your website see the MySpeed Server and MySpeed Server Professional options.


  • Installs and runs from your personal computer
    Run MySpeed PC from your PC and easily test your Internet connection to speed test servers in the US and UK.
  • Upload and download speed test measurements
    Connections often have different upload and download speeds, but most bandwidth tests only measure the download speed, providing only half the picture. MySpeed PC accurately reports both upload and download speeds.
  • Reports bandwidth consistency (QOS), Max Pause and Round Trip Time (RTT)
    The consistency of download capacity is a critical measure for bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP and multimedia. MySpeed PC reports Quality of Service measurements of consistent bandwidth delivery. Max Pause, the longest pause recorded during the data download, and the Round Trip Time are also reported.
  • Speed Test Detail Log
    View the raw data results for any speed test for a step by step view of each data packet transfer, the elasped time and number of bytes transferred. Details.
  • Highly accurate
    MySpeed PC has been carefully engineered and tested to accurately measure connection speeds. See the Broadband Speed Tester Benchmarks article.
  • Integration with VisualRoute for detailed connection analysis
    Get an in-depth analysis of your Internet connection with a click on the VisualRoute trace icon or link. See the actual path of your connection across the Internet, determine the cause of poor connection performance. Details.

MySpeed PC Advanced
The Advanced Edition adds several features to provide more in-depth
testing, analysis and reporting of your Internet bandwidth.

  • Managed testing lets you schedule bandwidth tests to run at regular intervals
  • Performance database logs results of all speed tests
  • Bar Graph and Line Graph views enable you to easily compare and analyze results
  • More in-depth analysis of test results
  • Easily email test results to your ISP or help desk technician

Download a FREE trial of MySpeed PC Advanced Edition!

Windows 98 to 2003


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