Posted by: paragon | May 22, 2007

Cannot save to sent-mail folder via Horde Mail: Email quota – invalid maildirsize file

*** If a user reports that they can send mail from Horde but cannot save to sent mail folder or if using SquirrelMail , sending mail fails with the following error:

Email quota – invalid maildirsize file

Here is the solution:

In some cases when a mailbox can get corrupt and needs a small tweak. There are many different email issues that can happen.

If you see when changing a quota in your cPanel Center, the following message “invalid maildirsize file.

The following will help 99% to fix the issue, its easy and don’t be scared!

This would be a courier maildirsize file for the email account, which you can usually find by logging into cPanel, click on File Manager, click on the folder icon next to the mail folder, click on the folder icon next to the domain name, click on the folder icon next to the email user name, then click on the file called maildirsize in that folder (don’t click on the icon but the file’s name itself). In the upper right hand list of links, click to delete the file. Once you delete it, it will reform for the account automatically and it should then have the correct quota size.

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