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Features/Benefits of Individual Modules

ContentProtect™ is the most effective and flexible
Internet filter available today! The state-of-the-art
dynamic filtering engine ensures that your family
members won’t be exposed to pornography and other
offensive content.

ContentProtect™ is the only family-oriented filter that
allows you to manage your home Internet use from
anywhere at any time through powerful Remote
Management tools. ContentProtect can be used as
configured right “out of the box” or you can adjust the
filter settings according to your personal preferences
and needs.


• #1 Rated Internet Filter – Internetfilterreview.
• Integration With Popular Search Engines –
ContentProtect leverages “Safe Search” type options
found in popular search engines such as Google,
Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, and MSN.
This new feature will enable better protection against
pornographic images when doing an image only search.
• Remote Management – Powerful Remote
Management tools exist to help parents to manage and
maintain Internet policies remotely; for example, from
work if Internet access exists.
• Enhanced Reporting – ContentProtect reports
have been enhanced through the use of Flash
technology. Reports are dynamic in nature and provide
parents with a first class presentation of Internet activity
of children. Reports track where, when and how often
children visit certain Web sites by category.
• Time Management – ContentProtect includes a
powerful time management feature that permits parents
to set the time of day when children can access the
Internet as well as a time quota feature that permits
administrators to assign a block of time to a child. Once
that child’s time quota is used up, they can no longer
access the Internet.
• Customized Lists – ContentProtect permits
parents to create customized lists of unacceptable or
acceptable Web sites. For example, parents could set
up a list (white list) of friendly sites that don’t necessarily
get filtered.
• Email Notifications – Parents can be notified
via email when children are blocked, warned or try to
violate or override the defined Internet Policy.
• Instant Messaging – ContentProtect provides
better tools for managing access to popular Instant
Messaging applications. ContentProtect also records IM
sessions so that parents can review the dialog that
takes places between children, friends and potential
• Internet Game Management – ContentProtect
permits parents to block access to certain Internet
• Peer-to-Peer Management – ContentProtect
permits parents to block access to certain Peer-to-peer
(P2P) sites.

Product Data Sheet

3 great Internet Protection tools —1 great value! Protect your family on the Internet from
inappropriate content. ContentProtect Home Suite gives you a fully integrated suite of Internet

Protection tools including:

ContentProtect™ — The industry’s leading Internet filtering software
ContentCleanup™ — The ability to analyze your hard drive, categorize content and then
remove unwanted files from your PC
Privacy Protection — Protection from fraudulent and online phishing scams

• Customization – ContentProtect is highly customizable permitting each family member to have their own filtering settings, rather than forcing them
into a “one size fits all.”
• Multi-Language Support – ContentProtect now localized and filters Internet content in multiple languages including English, Chinese and Spanish.
This simple-to-use tool helps users analyze, categorize and erase unwanted content from their computers. ContentCleanup starts by running a
comprehensive scan on the user’s computer and categorizes them in files types: History, Cookies, Documents, Temporary Internet files, Images, Audio,
and Video. In addition, ContentCleanup further analyzes each file in depth using ContentProtect’s award-winning and patent-pending dynamic analysis
engine which identifies potentially objectionable files and categorizes them into one of 28 different content categories, ranging from Pornography or
Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel. By doing this, it enables the user to easily identify objectionable files and delete them; freeing up disk space on the
user’s computer and enhancing its performance.


• Scan and categorize each file-type based on its content and where it came from.
• View each file in a “thumbnail view” to determine if it is suitable to view before opening the file for further inspection.
• View images in a “blurred” mode so you avoid exposure to objectionable or questionable images.
• ContentCleanup scans, analyzes and categorizes every file on your computer including Images, Video, Audio, Text, and Program files.
• Move objectionable items to an encrypted quarantine folder for later review or deletion.
• View an enhanced summary of each scan through the use of Flash technology. Reports detail by type and category the number of items found, items
quarantined, and items deleted.
• Specify the types of files you want to scan, specify the location, and/or include size restraints.
• Control the removal of files through our Cleanup Wizard.
• Enhances PC performance by freeing up disk space.
Privacy Protection
Powered by CallingID, Privacy Protection warns users of potentially dangerous Web sites by verifying information about the site’s ownership including
its origin, date created, and any other pertinent information concerning the legitimacy of the Web site. If any information is suspicious, a visual warning will
appear to inform the user. Other features of the product include:
• Site Verifications – Verifies safe sites before users do business with them
• Verification Tests – Executes 52 verification tests on each page users visit and provides them with simple easy, to understand risk.
• Site Warning – Choose between two different methods of warning users about suspicious sites: foreground message box, or background pop-up window.
• Configurable Warning Level – Choose to warn users of either or both “High Risk” and “Low Risk” suspicious sites.

ContentProtect Home Suite is backed by toll-free technical support and email support.

Automatic Updates
With state-of-the-art technology, ContentWatch updates users with the latest lists, definitions, and technology, as they become available. This process can
happen automatically or manually depending on the user preference enabling the customer to have the most current version of the software available.

More info on this product and Sign-up for a FREE Trial:


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