Posted by: paragon | February 9, 2008

Fifteen Free Tools that Make an IT Manager’s Life Easier

BinaryManaging a small or medium sized network can be challenging, over the years I have found these free tools that provide solutions to common IT problems:

  1. Spiceworks – Inventory, monitoring and help desk.
  2. OpenDNS – Reliable, secure outbound DNS that blocks phishing sites and gives you the power to block adult sites, proxies and individual domains.
  3. SSL-Explorer Community Edition – An open-source, browser-based SSL VPN solution that can authenticate against Active Directory and give your users remote access without installing any client-side software.
  4. VMware Server – Server virtualization allows you to test and deploy new servers quickly and easily. Virtual appliances allow you to trial/run complex applications without having to go through the full install proces.
  5. GenControl – A simple desktop remote control program that can temporarily install VNC and connect to another machine on your domain in a matter of seconds.
  6. PaperCut Print Logger – A free print logging application for Windows systems designed to provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use.
  7. CrossLoop – Simple and secure screen sharing, great for when you have to help out the boss with his home computer.
  8. Hamachi – Instant, zero configuration VPN for when you need more than simple screen sharing.
  9. Montastic – Free website monitoring service.
  10. Sysinternals – An assortment of utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications.
  11. PacketTrap pt360 – Network management tools with real time reporting.
  12. Clonezilla or g4u – Hard disk cloning.
  13. Knoppix – A bootable live Linux operating system on CD or DVD complete with troubleshooting and diagnostic utilities.
  14. SyncToy, RoboCopy or rsync – Move those files around.
  15. DNSstuff Tools – DNS, WHOIS,and other network tools.
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