Posted by: paragon | July 17, 2008

S-CERT VU#800113 – Cache Poisoning DNS Vulnerabilities

DNS Advisory
US-CERT  VU#800113 – Cache Poisoning DNS Vulnerabilities
Dear DNSstuff User,

We are sending out a DNS Advisory notice to you regarding the US-CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team),   Vulnerability Note VU#800113 – Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning, which states that there are some deficiencies in DNS practices which leaves DNS servers vulnerable for hackers to access and perform  cache poisoning attacks.

DNSstuff feels strongly that everyone, especially DNSstuff Users, should be proactive and run a DNS Vulnerability Check  to see if your name server(s) are vulnerable.  If they are, you should contact the appropriate vendor to make sure you get the appropriate fix.

We encourage you to run DNSreport to make sure your DNS is configured properly. This comprehensive health check run 55 tests against your domain, pinpoints the issue and offers mitigation steps on how to fix it. You can automate this report with DNSalerts – we will monitor your DNS around-the-clock and notify you via email if problems arise.

Thank you for your support and keeping your DNS safe.


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