Posted by: paragon | September 30, 2008

XP Service Pack 3 – and Constant Reboot : SuperMicro MB Bios

Important Notice From OAISYS Technical Support
OAISYS has identified a potential problem affecting the OAISYS 1U Recording Appliance.  Internal testing had shown in certain situations the system would enter into a continuous reboot cycle.

OAISYS has discovered Windows XP Service Pack 3 is incompatible with SuperMicro motherboard BIOS 1.2a (DSML4167).  Our research into the problem reveals there are certain cases where SP3 will place Windows XP into a continuous reboot when used with a SuperMicro motherboard loaded with BIOS 1.2a (DSML4167).  It should be noted that BIOS 1.2b (DSML8277) shows no such problems.  The extent of this problem is not yet known, and it may apply to some existing Talkument customers.

Do not install Windows XP SP 3 on the 1U Appliance.

To determine the BIOS stored on the motherboard, please refer to this Knowledge Base article:

Please contact OAISYS Technical Support with any questions at 888 496-9040 Option #4.

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