Posted by: paragon | October 9, 2008

Spammers Using Automated Systems To Their Advantage, Again

Spammers Using Automated Systems To Their Advantage, Again

New York, NY ( EnableTS, a global provider of email management platforms to Service Providers, sees a new trend in Spam attacks which has been growing over recent months and has now exploded during the last quarter. Spammers are targeting the ‘falsepositive@’ addresses for anti-spam vendors in a bid to be automatically increase the trust rating of spam. Today, EnableTS spoke out against Vendors who rely on quota based listing systems that work in favour of the spammers.

Anti-spam providers who operate unintelligent automated reporting systems have been hit hard by the spammers that generate the ‘falsepositive@’ spam. By sending 100’000s of spam emails to the‘falsepositive@’ email address of the anti-spam vendor, before blasting users of the service with spam, spammers are able to fool the automatic learning system into thinking the email is actually a falsely represented spam email.

Mike Harrison, Analyst at EnableTS commented “EnableTS is proud to be building 3rd Generation Platforms for Providers which have much more built-in intelligence than the traditional hosted platforms”. He lambasted what he called 2nd generation products with these words “there are many 2nd generation Hosted Platforms out there still that are really working for the spammers by using these unintelligent automated quota based systems. I call on vendors to step up to the mark and take these threats seriously”.

EnableTS has seen the volume of mail that spammers are sending to ‘falsepositive@’ increase 25 fold during the last quarter through the EnableTS Platform which is deployed at ISPs and Hosted Mail Providers globally. The threat that an ever increasing volume of spam has on the infrastructure of the Internet as well as to individual users is huge over the coming years. The proliferation of highly effective botnet applications that are delivered by email is something that Hosted Providers are having to take action against.

Over the past twelve months, the email security landscape has changed and the level of the threat increased. The desktop is locked down to a degree, but with security loopholes appearing monthly in browsers, operating systems and Plug-ins leave back doors open. Sys Admins need to stop as much as possible getting through the door – this applies both to Service Providers as well as the Enterprise. With the EnableTS Platform, the intelligence built into the system does not allow this kind of quota based automation and, moreover, will protect the Service Provider by dropping the connection where possible, rather than accepting the mail into the DataCenter for analysis which often is a vulnerable process.

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