Posted by: paragon | October 24, 2008

What is SaaS?

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service is the provision of a multi-tenant application over the Internet. The SaaS vendor provides a redundant, scaled, distributed architecture and the customer does not pay for the software itself, but rather for using it, with access to the application being via a Web browser.

What areas of infrastructure are organizations choosing SaaS for?

One of the most popular applications to deliver via SaaS has been Web security. SaaS Web security is based on a recurring subscription fee and the cost is directly aligned to the number of users. All of the usual costs associated with maintaining Web security software such as content filters, along with the infrastructure on which it resides, training, security updates etc. are assumed by the SaaS Web Security vendor in exchange for the recurring service fee.

Who are the market leaders in SaaS Web security?

ScanSafe are the market leaders in the provision of SaaS Web security with 40% of the market (IDC). ScanSafe pioneered the SaaS Web security market and have the largest Web dataset in the industry.

I use content filtering – isn’t this enough?

No. This software was originally designed to safeguard web productivity not security. Despite many vendors repositioning themselves the essential flaw remains – “URL filtering suffers a fundamental flaw to be an effective security filter: it does not monitor threats in real-time.”*

In order to protect themselves from zero hour threats and polymorphic malware, organizations need their Web security to provide real-time filtering of all Web content.

Surely SaaS Web security will cause latency for my users?

The ScanSafe network has been designed specifically for Web traffic resulting in zero latency. Performance is independently monitored for uptime and speed of scanning.

How does it work?

Simple and flexible deployment is made possible by ScanSafe proprietary connector technology. It can take you as little as one hour to route your traffic through their scanning infrastructure.

What about mobile users?

ScanSafe Anywhere+ is the world’s first SaaS to allow organizations to protect their mobile employees wherever they are working – at home, at a client office, in an airport lounge or a hotel hotspot.

Is it easy to manage?

ScanCenter, ScanSafe’s Web-based management portal, allows you to administer, monitor and control performance in real-time, no matter where you are. All services are supported 24×7 by a team of dedicated network and support experts.

SaaS is fine for SMB’s but I heard it doesn’t scale well?

SaaS Web security is infinitely scalable, allowing you to add new users instantly at fixed cost. Resiliency is built in, saving you the costs of planned or unplanned downtime.

SaaS is usually too expensive over time isn’t it?

No. With no hardware or software to maintain or update, ScanSafe SaaS Web security allows your valuable IT resource to focus on projects that add to your bottom line. Our customers typically experience a 30-40% reduction in TCO. The service is delivered at a fixed annual cost which allows confident IT budgeting. The latest Web threat is impossible to predict, but your costs needn’t be.

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