Posted by: paragon | October 28, 2008

How to sync your Exchange Outlook Contacts w/ T-mobile G1

You can use ContactSync™ to connect to your Exchange Server and download your contacts right to your G1 Smartphone.   


Please see this page to download and setup ContactSync™ on your G1 smartphone.

You will need the Exchange Web Services address. It can be found in hostpilot under ‘Get Started’ > ‘Advanced Settings’ as the exchange proxy setting. The exchange proxy URL needs to begin with https:// and end with /EWS/Exchange.asmx in the settings of ContactSync™.

If you are in the 18 domain you would use: in ContactSync™ settings.

Find your “Exchange Proxy Settings” under your advanced tab of your Host Pilot Control Panel.

Call Intermedia Support to find which server you are using and follow above.

The above is required in order to use:

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Have fun!

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