Posted by: paragon | March 25, 2009

IronKey: How to revert to the original Secure Sessions add-on for FireFox

RE:  IronKey USB running FireFox and Secure Sessions add-on (TOR Network) : The Onion Router

How to revert to the original Secure Sessions add-on

Due a recently detected issue, your Secure Sessions add-on may get updated to an unsupported (newer) version. You can revert to the original version to restore Secure Sessions functionality.

The original Secure Sessions add-on is bundled with the original Firefox browser provided on the CD partition of your device. You can remove your Firefox browser from the IronKey secure partition and reinstall Firefox with the original Secure Session add-on. Here is how:

1) Locate your ‘Mozilla Firefox’ directory on your IronKey.
2) Rename that folder to ‘Mozilla Firefox-old’ (or something similar)
3) Locate the ‘FirefoxData’ directory on your IronKey.
4) Rename it to ‘FirefoxData-old’
5) Open the IronKey Control Panel and click on the Mozilla Firefox icon
6) The version of Firefox that shipped with your IronKey will be reinstalled.
7) You can then move bookmarks and other files that is now in ‘FirefoxData-old’ into the newly created ‘FirefoxData’ directory.

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