Posted by: paragon | April 22, 2009

Internet Security Trends – Conficker Worm Expected to Influence Rise in Spam

Internet Security Trends – Conficker Worm Expected to Influence Rise in Spam


As a provider of messaging and Web security technology, Commtouch released their most current quarterly “Internet Threat Trends” report last week. The report forecasts how computers infected by the Conficker worm could cause a meaningful rise in spam levels during the next quarter. Analysts report that around 15 million computers on a global scale have already been infected by multiple versions of the worm to date.

Here are the Q1 highlights at a glance:

  • The Conficker worm infected more than 15 million computers since its first appearance last Fall.
  • Loan spam jumped to the top of the list of top spam topics, with 28% this quarter.
  • Users of social networking sites fell victim to new, more complex phishing attacks.
  • Computers/Technology sites and Search engines/Portals are among the top 10 Web site categories infected with malware and/or manipulated by phishing.
  • Brazil continues to lead in zombie computer activity, producing nearly 14% of zombies for the quarter.
  • Spam levels averaged 72% of all email traffic throughout the quarter and peaked at 96% in early January. It then bottomed out at 65% in February.
  • Spammers attacked large groups of an ISP’s users and moved to the next ISP in a targeted spam outbreak.
  • An average of 302,000 zombies were activated each day for the purpose of malicious activity.

Download the full in depth report here.

Source: Commtouch




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