Posted by: paragon | September 3, 2009

Astaro V2 – Resetting to factory default (Version 7 included)

Astaro Factory reset via command line?

Solution Task:

A factory reset can be useful in case of a problem with the machine or when the webadmin can not be reached via the network due to any misconfiguration.

This document describes the way to do a factory-reset when there is only a root-login via console or SSH possible.

With ASG appliances a factory reset can be done by either the front panel buttons or using the same options as software with ssh or console.


The short facts about a factory reset are:

* sets back all configs, license, accounts, passwords, certificatess to their original state
* deletes logs, proxy caches, accounting and reporting data and uninstalled up2dates
* the software version is maintained, that means all applied up2dates and pattern updates are kept
* the machine is not neccessarily in the same state like after the original installation
* Warning this can result in a defective system if using versions <6.203

Regard especially the last point which means that in case of any hand made changes on the console the factory reset will not necessarily fix the installation again.

Access to SSH or console with root passwords:

In case of a problem a factory reset can be done by the console as root with the following command:

$ init 4

No Access to SSH or root passwords are lost:
Connect a keyboard and monitor to the system.
Power restart the unit and wait for the boot: prompt to appear


boot: default factoryreset


With the Astaro v7 it is possible to change the default runlevel at boot time.

To change the runlevel of a single boot session, use the following instructions:

* When the GRUB menu bypass screen appears at boot time, press the Esc key to enter the GRUB menu (within the first three seconds).
* Press the [e] key to append a the default boot entry.
* Navigate to the line starting with “kernel” and press the [e] key again to append the default kernel.
* Add at the end of the boot options line to boot to the desired runlevel. For example, to reset the Astaro you need to load into runlevel 4:

grub edit> … vga=819 splash=silent 4

* Press Esc and [b] to boot the system

After an (automatic) reboot you can log in via the Webadmin on, set your passwords right and license again and start all over, or insert a working backup.

Example: (v6) or (v7)
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