Posted by: paragon | September 3, 2009

HowTo: Reset a Astaro Security Appliance


there are three possibilities:

– login to your ASG
– go to System -> Settings -> Password and Factory Reset
– select factory reset and click on start

Starting Factory Reset:
1. Connect the security appliance to the monitor and the keyboard.
2. Boot the security system with the option default factoryreset.
In the boot: line enter the following command:

default factoryreset

Please note that you have only a few seconds to start the input.
3. Click on the Enter key.
The Factory Reset action is now being started.

– login to the shell of your ASG
– change to su/root

“NOTE: Any modifications done by root will void your support.
Please use WebAdmin for any configuration changes.”

– enter the following command:

/etc/init.d/factoryreset start

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