Posted by: paragon | September 24, 2009

TrixBox and HUD Videos

The name of the product is trixbox PRO and you can see it’s general details at its website here:  Trixbox PRO is an advanced IP PBX solution focused on the SME market although it’s also perfectly happy addressing Enterprise clients. The Fonality trixbox Pro IP PBX is a Hybrid Hosted™

architecture, which allows for Anywhere Management™, and creates the reliability and quality of a premise-based system with the convenience and cost benefits of a hosted system.


Trixbox PRO is comprised of two key integral parts which makes it a unique offering in the market:


  1. The Control Panel which can be accessed via any web enabled interface and provides the ability to manage, configure and do any necessary changes to the system in minutes from anywhere.  This is where you can manage company extensions, call routing, auto attendants, phone numbers and much more.  Here is where you can also have Access to real time monitoring of analog lines, T-1/E-1 interfaces and unlimited SIP Providers.


  1. HUD (Heads Up Display) is an award-winning employee presence and communication management application that comes free with all versions of trixbox. HUD empowers its users with company-wide visibility and information on the “presence” of every colleague, making it easy to interact with one another via a single, simple interface.


You can view the different versions and features of trixbox PRO (Standard, Enterprise & Call Center) by clicking here and the different versions and features of HUD by clicking here.  Finally you can see the latest video demos of HUD that clearly outline its siginifcant impact on productivity and value for any enterprise using it on a daily basis:


HUD Demo Videos



As a quick reference, the company behind trixbox PRO is Fonality. Fonality has been in the market for many years and has over 250 employees.  It’s solid and backed by large investors such as INTEL.  They have won numerous awards for their technology and are DELL’s key partner for IP PBX solutions.   I am attaching a general brochure on trixbox for your reference as well.


Servers and Implementation:


Regarding the implementation, as you may already know trixbox PRO can be easily downloaded (software only) and installed on any of many certified servers from Dell and HP.  Alternatively we can integrate the software into an integrated trixbox PRO appliance (brochure attached) depending on your customers needs.  


IP Phones & Telephony Cards:


Trixbox Pro Works easily with almost any SIP based IP Phone.  Most of our clients use IP phones from Polycom but some also use phones from other providers like Grandstream, Astra, Linksys and SNOM.  We are authorized resellers for all of those and can offer a fully integrated solution with 12 month advance replacement warranty on all IP phones.  On the telephony cards, we recommend and have certified the SANGOMA brand and can integrate analog and digital cards easily depending on your client’s requirements.


For your reference attached I am sending you the following:


a)      Price list for trixbox PRO and Reseller options/levels. We typically start all our partners (assuming they will work independently) at the highest tier of Certified and do an evaluation every 6 months to see if it makes sense to continue at that level.

b)      Official trixbox PRO agreement to legally be able to use trixbox PRO logo’s and collateral.

c)       General trixbox PRO Brochure

d)      General brochure for trixbox PRO appliance. 


Take a look at the details and let me know should you have any questions.  If you have an immediate opportunity that we can help with let me know and I can walk you through the process. The next step would be to setup a quick web demo so I can walk you through the details of trixbox PRO.

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