Posted by: paragon | March 25, 2010

cpanel php out of memory wordpress, phpbb, etc

cpanel php out of memory wordpress, phpbb, etc
By TEDDY | Published: FEBRUARY 9, 2010
in short: Check the apache RLimitMEM in httpd.conf.. remove it if not really required.
complete story:
did you just install cpanel fresh? after installing wordpress, phpbb, or any other php applications… did you have a problem like “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 20185088) (tried to allocate 13056 bytes)” ?
well, i just got that problem. and after hours of trial and errors, i overlooked the fact that i had this module enabled in apache.. i thought the problem was only php
so i checked the php.ini and .htaccess trying to remove/tweak the memory_limit setting
i saw this option “Memory Usage Restrictions” in the apache configuration page of cpanel/whm, but couldnt remove it..
so i went to edit it manually, vim /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
and removed the two entries RLimitMEM and RLimitCPU
for cpanel to store your changes permanently, run
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller –update
restart apache, and violla! all works fine now.. phew..
i hope that helps others too.
this was on cPanel 11.25.0, CENTOS 5.4 x86_64, PHP 5.2.12, Apache 2.2.14


  1. And did you just ignore the big “# DO NOT EDIT. AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED. IF YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE PLEASE USE THE INCLUDE FILES” at the bottom of the file?

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