Posted by: paragon | September 4, 2011 | Faster Worldwide via CDN CDN (Content Distribution Network)

 CDN (short for content distribution network) is an exciting new feature from that will improve the speed of your online session with (GCS) up to 60%. CDN is a proven technology used by ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Staples and Apple to ensure the fastest and most reliable online shopping experience possible.

(GCS) will distribute our website content from the Volusion data center to over 95,000 CDN servers. This means that when customers access our store they will receive its content from the CDN server geographically closest to them rather than a single location. So a customer in San Francisco will get content from the server nearest San Francisco, a customer in London from a server near London, and so on.

This means faster connections, faster page loads and less congestion at busy times.  And with your content being held on so many servers, it will not be afflicted by high loads or even hardware failures; the system will automatically reroute internet traffic to the next closest server with the highest availability and performance.

Visit (GCS)

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