Posted by: paragon | October 28, 2006

PRM: Process Resource Monitor – HowTo: Set Rules

PRM: Process Resource Monitor from RFxNetworks is a nifty monitor to take care of runaway proc’s and auto kill them if they rise above the predefined setting.

Be sure to take a look at the rules directory, one value of note is for Exim – on a busy server you may need to ReOption the value for max proc’s from 10 to 20 … be sure the reason for added proc’s is due to how busy the server is with mail and not that you have a client that is spamming…

Fine the custom service config files here:


(Please note: This example is for a cPanel server)

And here is the result of the exim rule file:

# seconds to wait before rechecking a flaged pid (pid’s noted resource
# intensive but not yet killed).

# counter limit that a process must reach prior to kill. the counter value
# increases for a process flaged resource intensive on rechecks.

# argument to pass onto kill commands

# Max CPU usage readout for a process – % of all cpu resources (decimal values unsupported)

# Max MEM usage readout for a process – % of system total memory (decimal values unsupported)

# Max processes for a given command – this is not max processes for user but rather the executable

**** The last option of Max processes for a given command was bumped from 10 to 20


Dave Safley


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