Posted by: paragon | September 1, 2008

LoginShare Module for Kayako and WHMCS

As of 09/01/08 , Kayako is slated to release a LoginShare module for WHMCS but in the mean time…

Below was posted by: Explovision

Dear forum members,

I would like to announce that we have recently released a new version of our LoginShare add-on module for Kayako SupportSuite and Kayako Esupport.

The LoginShare module will share your clients’ WHMCS (WHMCompleteSolution) login with your Kayako installation.

Here’s how it works: When a client logs in on Kayako with his WHMCS email address and password, Kayako will simply process the login so that the client can submit/read tickets, etc. Also, Kayako will automatically login the client in WHMCS! If he uses a non-WHMCS email address and password to login, Kayako will simply check its own database to perform a regular login.

The other way around works too: When the client logs in on WHMCS, he’ll automatically be logged in on Kayako because our module makes Kayako check for WHMCS session data.

This LoginShare module works the same when it comes to logging out. The client only has to logout on either WHMCS or Kayako, and he’ll be logged out on both automatically. This guarantees a FULL login synchronization/integration between WHMCS and Kayako. Your clients will see your WHMCS and Kayako installation as one single software package.

All this happens in one single Kayako LoginShare module. There are no other modifications required. Simply install, configure and load the LoginShare module and you’ll be up and running.

This new release works with the latest versions of WHMCS. It is now also possible to use this LoginShare module when WHMCS and Kayako are hosted on seperate subdomains!

This LoginShare module is donationware and costs €5.00. This includes free support and lifetime upgrades. There are no recurring costs.

The module is encoded with Ioncube. This is necessary because the module contains the WHMCS encryption key used to decode the WHMCS passwords. Since you have Ioncube installed to run WHMCS, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the form on our website:

Kayako WHMCS LoginShare add-on

Euro 5 =  US 7 dollars approx.

I hope you’ll enjoy this module!

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